DevOps Consultant / Coach

Software Development
36 - 40 uur

Do you want to work as a DevOps consultant where you help organizations in the transition to CI/CD and DevOps environment? And do you get your energy from working with and helping several large organizations? Then apply immediately! 

The organization is a well-established party within the consultancy that focuses entirely on the transition towards DevOps and CI/CD. The organization implements innovative solutions at its customers. Beforehand, they take stock of where the customer stands in order to draw up an action plan. This way they can support their customers in the right way from the right starting position.

As a DevOps consultant you work for various customers on complex issues related to the transformation to a DevOps environment. You take clients through the transition in an Agile working environment towards a CI/CD and DevOps environment. As a consultant you are the advisor for your clients and you help colleagues when they get stuck with, for example, building the CI/CD pipeline or setting up the DevOps teams and sprints. You take stock of the customer's situation and then you advise and implement the CI/CD and DevOps working methods. Where necessary, you provide training to the teams or the entire organization.

Because you are technically highly developed as well as socially and organizationally you know how to help customers in the right way and transition to the right DevOps environment. From your experience you know how to support and advise customers at team level, middle management and C-level. You are able to build a self-learning team within the organization who are able to learn, make mistakes and improve them again.


  • Working on complex customer issues related to CI/CD and DevOps setup
  • Completing large projects
  • Advising clients and colleagues on the setup of the CI/CD and DevOps environment
  • Taking stock of the knowledge and where the organization stands in the transition.
  • Providing training to customers on the delivery of Software


  • You have a completed college or university education
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant work experience with CI/CD and DevOps
  • You are a strong communicator
  • You have a good command of the English language

Work conditions:

  • Salary up to €90.000 per year
  • A good bonus scheme
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • Ample training budget
  • A lease car (or mobility allowance), laptop and phone


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